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Looking for Leaders

We are in the process of gathering wall leaders. We need 12 wall leaders in Albany and 16 in Jefferson. As wall leaders start to sign up we will fill their names in the places. Please send your name and e-mail address to Mike Dedera if you’re are interested in helping ServeINC in this way.


Requirements for wall leaders:

~Be at the school you have been assigned to for a meeting July 11thth at 5pm

~Show up 7:00am during the day of service.

The qualifications for the positions are:

  • They need to be positive
  • They need to be encouragers
  • They need to be motivators
  • They need to be team players that are passionate about unity
  • They need to smile

They do not need to be a professional painters but it would be good if they understood the difference between a paint brush and a roller :-)