What time do I show up in the morning?

Please arrive shortly before the project starts.   We will eat lunch at Noon.

Will I be landscaping or painting? 

This year’s project will be a painting project. Landscaping will be done by some area youth before the painting project on Sat July 13th, 2019.

What do I bring?

1.  An amazing attitude that is flexible and ready to work.

2.  Paint rollers and paint brushes for your entire family if you are going to paint. Also this year ladders are needed.

Make sure to mark all your equipment!

Do I need to bring paint sprayers?

No.  We will arrange for the sprayers on site.

Where do I park my car when I arrive?

There is parking at the school and on the side streets.

Can I show up late or leave early if I need too?

We are encouraging you to stay until the project is complete.  However, you can come and go if you need to.

What are the ages that can sign up?

All ages can sign up, but those under 14 years old need to be supervised by their parents. Also those under 14 will not be given a shirt.

I know someone who has not signed up, can I bring him/her?

Yes, all are welcome.  We ordered additional shirts so we might even have a shirt for them

Will lunch be provided?

Lunch will be served at noon for all workers.  The lunch will be pizza and soda pop.  If you would like something different you are encouraged to bring it.

Where will we eat lunch?

Lunch will be served at the school.

When do I get my shirt?

Shirts will be available at the work site.

What happens if it rains?

The plan is to proceed despite the rain forecast. The paint will be fine as long as the paint has had time to set before the hard rains come. Our recent rain pattern had been that the serious rain does not come until the afternoon. Thus if we start at 8:30 tomorrow, we should be fine. If it is raining heavy in the morning, we will likely postpone. And we will turn people away at the work site.