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Reflection on Our 2022 Day of Service

ServeINC 2022 Photo By Don David

On Saturday July 9th, 2022 150 people from 13 churches around the Mid-Valley came together for the 12th Annual ServeINC Day of Service. This year our group painted and landscaped at Memorial Middle School. After a couple years doing other projects which included painting at the former Clover Ridge elementary, the group was back with the Greater Albany Public Schools (GAPS).

Facilities director Doug Pigman said it was great to have everyone back. “It’s really encouraging.” he said. The facilities department worked for a month pressure washing and making repairs on the school to prepare for Saturday’s paining.

Jon Killinger opened the day with the reminder that, “Everything we do today is to honor Christ.”

ServeINC provided 250 gallons of paint, and various painting tools for the project, along with the numerous volunteer hours. Pigman said the value was “massive.” He continued, “It’s hard to put a figure on a project of this size. The value gets really big, really fast.”

Board member Jon Killinger estimates that each project ServeINC does for GAPS saves the district at least $100,000.

Both old and young turned out for the day. Don Easedale, 88 of Albany said it was nice to see people working together instead of arguing. He added, that at his age he’s limited in what he can do, but still comes to serve the community. Grace, age 7 who attends Periwinkle Elementary was there painting with her mom. She said she “Just wanted to help.” It was her 3rd time volunteering with ServeINC.

Everywhere you went smiling volunteers worked to paint, weed, spread bark dust, deliver water or help clean up.

Rob Nelke, chairman of ServeINC, added that the project is fantastic. “Jon did a great job of organization. It’s great to see so many turn out to volunteer.”

Dan Clemmens pastor at Neighborhood church said there were 20 from his church there. “It’s always important for the community to see the church and Christ in us, rather than just hearing for us. People aren’t always looking for answers, sometimes they are looking at your example.”

That is exactly why ServeINC exists, and year after year we coordinate the efforts of a church body willing to serve our community into action that makes a lasting difference.

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