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Frequently Asked Questions

serve-inc-sm.jpgWhat are we planning on completing in a day?
We are planning on painting Lafayette Elementary and Sunrise Elementary schools. In addition, we will landscape Sunrise Elementary

What school will I be at?
If you are a landscaper you will be at Sunrise Elementary. Otherwise your church will be assigned a school. However, if you would rather go to the school that your church wasn’t assigned to, you are encouraged to do so.

What time do I show up in the morning?
Please arrive at 8:30am. We will divide into groups at 8am then start work at 9:00am

Will I be landscaping or painting?
You get to choose. When you arrive we will give the option to stand with the painters or stand with the landscapers. Please keep in mind that we need more painters than landscapers (75% painters to 25% Landscapers)

What do I bring?

  1. An amazing attitude that is flexible and ready to work.
  2. Paint rollers and paint brushes for your entire family if you are going to paint.
  3. Shovels, rakes, weeding tools, and gloves for the entire family if you are going to landscape.

Where do I park my car when I arrive?
There is parking at the school and the side streets.

Can I show up late or leave early if I need too?
We are encouraging you to stay until the project is complete. However, it will be very relaxed and you can come and go if you need to.

Is child care available?
I am sorry there is not. Parents are responsible for there kids and they must be supervised. They cannot be running around.

Will Lunch be provided?
Lunch will be served at 1:00 pm for the workers. The lunch will be hotdogs, chips, and punch. If you would like something different you are encouraged to bring it.

When do I get my shirt?
Shirts will be available at the worksite.

What happens if it rains?
The ServeINC event will be postponed to a later date. If it is questionable you can call 503 580- 5518. Otherwise we will turn people away at the work site. PRAY IT DOES NOT RAIN!