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A Saturday Well Spent: ServeINC 2018

The bell tower at North Albany Elementary gets painted.

North Albany Elementary Photo By Don David

The ninth annual Day of Service brought together volunteers from 25 area churches to help the communities of Albany and Jefferson.

Painting at North Albany Elementary

North Albany Elementary Photo By Don David

In Albany, the day opened with some wonderful remarks by Ed Sweet and Jon Killinger on the spiritual aspect of the service project, then about 150 people began the task of painting and landscaping at North Albany Elementary.

GAPS Facility director Doug Pigman called it “An incredible partnership.”

Patty Nordike is the office manager at North Albany Elementary, she was impressed with the group. “I can’t tell you, this is just incredible,” she said. “It will be nice to have the school looking good when the student come back in the fall.”

“I’m thankful so many showed up,” said Glenn who is the custodian at North Albany Elementary.

The volunteers were excited to be there. For some this Day of Service is an annual tradition. Amanda from Valley Christian center has been volunteering for six years, “I enjoy being a part of the group helping out.”

Cheryl and her husband who is with the Marine Corp don’t live in one place too long, “We like to make a positive impact wherever we go.” Her husband Gunnery Sergeant Walker also brought a group of Marine recruits to help with the project.

Janis from Hope Church said she helped out because she’d rather the school spent money on the kids.

ServeINC Project at Jefferson Evangelical Church

Jefferson Evangelical Church Photo by Don David

Bill was there because his Rotary club was a sponsor of the project and he wanted to support the worthwhile cause with his time too.

For many they agreed the biggest reason to be there was just to serve. As Pastor Ed Sweet put it, “Paint is spread on walls, and wood chips on the ground, but we do this FOR people and we do it WITH people. It’s this kind of serve where people can see and experience the love of God.”

In Jefferson 60 volunteers came together to paint and landscape at Jefferson Evangelical Church. Pastor Rob Nelke said it was an answer to prayer. “We started praying last year, and then ServeINC came along and said, ‘Why don’t we paint your building?’”

Mike from Jefferson Baptist commented that, “It was pretty cool to paint a church this year. The best thing about this is working together with other churches.”

North Albany Elementary Kid Zone

Kid Zone Photo by Don David

Many commented the same, it was the unity between churches that made the day special. “ServeINC matters because serving the community matters. It’s awesome to see the community come together,” said Diane.

As the painting and landscaping took place at North Albany Elementary the shouts of happy children could be heard from the LoveINC Kid Zone. Kids got to play games, jump in a bouncy house, watch a puppet show and have all sorts of fun. Volunteers from the Salvation Army and Child Evangelism Fellowship helped out.

Altogether over 200 people gave their Saturday to show the community the love of Jesus in a real and tangible way, a school and a church both got much needed face lifts and the church in Albany and Jefferson came a little closer.