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Champions Needed

We are looking for 30 Champions (point people).  As of now we have 12.  If you have already picked one from your church and you know of another send them our way.  The requirements for the champions (point people) are below:

Champions (Point People):

1. Work for and with your pastor as needed. (Promote the project, be the spokesman for the project, gather the number of people that signed up, and e-mail that number to the Serve INC Leadership by June 14th, etc.)  Pastors are encouraged to be a spokesman for the event, but they can delegate responsibilities over to the Champion as needed.

2.Attend a meeting July 8th at Lafayette elementary school.  During that meeting the Champions will:
a. Receive an explanation of what the Serve INC day will look like
b. Walk the two schools and be assigned a section (a wall) on one of the buildings or landscaping areas.
c. Be given an understanding of what to paint, what not to paint, and how their team will paint on each of their assigned section.

3. Show up at 8am the day of the project.
a. The day of the project the Champions will not paint but will bring leadership to 10 to 50 painters/landscapers for the area they were assigned to.