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Albany Christian Leadership Summit

Albany Christian Leadership Summit

Photo by Don David


By Arwen McGilvra-

Pastors and Ministry Leaders sharing how God has been working.

Photo by Don David

On April 30th, 2015 more than 70 pastors, ministry and community leaders gathered for the first Albany Christian Leadership Summit, which was sponsored by Serve INC. The main theme of the day was sharing how God is working in the Albany and Jefferson area. At the tables a quote by Henry Blackaby prompted discussion, “Find out where God is at work and join Him there.

Sharing the highlights of the discussions to the group it was indeed obvious that God is at work in Albany.

David Becker of Child Evangelism Fellowship shared that this year they have Good News clubs at 8 schools with 400 children enrolled. This year they also had 20 first time decisions to follow Jesus!

Linda David and Donna Dluehosh from  Mid-Valley Women of Christ shared about the growth in their ministry. Mid-Valley Women of Christ is now in 6 counties, hosting Bible studies and prayer times in 15 cities for over 3,000 women from 150 different churches.

Listening to the speakers at the Albany Christian Leadership Summit.

Photo by Don David

Roger Peterson of Love INC shared about the provision he sees daily in answers to prayers. Love INC mobilizes their 31 partner churches to help meet tangible needs in the community. As an example he shared that they had a lady call in who had a day bed she wanted to donate. Later in the day another lady called telling them that she now had to care for her Granddaughter, who was sleeping on the floor. They matched the gift to the need and that little girl now has a bed to sleep on.

“It fills my heart with praise to think about God working through the church,” Roger told the group.

Bill Stanley from Church in Motion shared that sentiment, “The heart of everyone in the room is to meet real needs; firewood, diapers, healings, and the gospel is being received in the midst of all this.”

Chris Spivy and Kyle Mitchell leading worship

Photo by Don David

Nathan Riley of Hub City shared about how God is working even in the midst of turbulent beginnings to their church plant, which began in Jan of this year. They lost everything the church owns in the fire at South Albany High School. Even so he said, “God is doing something here in Albany.”

“People are attracted to generosity,” Riley said as he told about the special offering the church took on Easter to raise money for the school.

God is indeed at work in Albany!

We will be sharing more about the Leadership Summit and the testimonies of God working through His Family in Albany in coming weeks so check back soon.